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In 2010, Chicago will host the WCA/CAA (Women's Caucus for Art and The College Art Association) National Conference. This is an opportunity for our chapter to engage and network with artists from all over the nation and to share our many accomplishments. We are looking for volunteers, partners and current members to help us make this a great event worthy of our fair city.

Make a Donation

Make a tax-deductible contribution, of any amount, to help support and grow CWCA! Any amount is appreciated and will help with current exhibitions and future programming. Donate $150.00 or more and become an official 2010 National Conference Sponsor. All donors will receive our monthly e-newsletter, invitations to selected exhibitions and events, and the satisfaction of helping to support one of Chicago's leading arts organizations.


Volunteering is a great way to share your particular skills and interests and help build the future WCA. Our accomplishments at the national and chapter levels are the result of committed members like you.

WCA programs and activities only happen if members step up and make them happen. Participate in creating and producing WCA activities that support an organization that is important to you. Broaden your existing skills or explore new interest areas, develop leadership skills, and take on new challenges. Joining local or national committees can also open doors for new friendships, networking opportunities and fun. There are opportunities for everyone.

Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities

CWCA is currently accepting donations and matching gifts to help fund events and programs for the 2010 conference. If any members have connections with a company that participates in matching gift programs, let us know. Contact Margaret Lutze, CWCA Treasurer.

We are always interested in partnering with organizations and individuals to create relevant programming for Chicago based and regional artists. If you have an idea or institution that you think would be a good match, please contact Arlene at 847.674.0321 or

Immediate Volunteer Needs

Lifetime Achievement Awards (LAA) Event Chair and Committee Members
The annual Lifetime Achievement Awards (LAA) ceremony is a moving and inspiring event. Be a part of an event that honors women who have made significant contributions to the arts. We are looking for an Event Committee Chair and Committee Members for the 2010 LAA immediately.

The LAA is our highest profile annual national event. The LAA event committee produces the event in the same city as the College Art Association conference. Working as a team, they organize the event in the months before the event. As the Chair of the committee you will work with Andrea Harris, Chair of the Honor Awards Committee. Andrea and several other people who have worked on the event before will be available to support you.

2010 WCA/CAA National Conference
If you plan on attending the conference in Chicago as a CWCA member, consider volunteering a few hours at the event. Lend your time and energy and help represent the work of your local chapter.

For additional information, or to participate in either endeavor, contact WCA President Marilyn Hayes at Include your phone number in your email and she will contact you shortly.

2010 CWCA Organizational Needs

CWCA Members may submit nominations to the Executive Board for any office by August 31 of each year. The Executive Board will serve as a Nominating Committee and prepare a slate of officers for ratification by the membership at its November meeting. Officers newly elected will assume their duties on January 1 of the following year. To submit a nomination, contact Margaret Lutze at
    Chapter President
  1. Serve as executive officer of the chapter.
  2. Preside at chapter business meetings.
  3. Appoint non-elected officers.
  4. Establish ad hoc committees to deal with specific problems no otherwise included in the duties of chapter officers.
  5. Submit a written report of the chapter’s activities and financial status to the membership at least once a year.
    Chapter Vice-President
  1. Assume the responsibilities and duties of the President if the President should be ill or for any reason unable to serve.
  2. Assist the President in establishing ad hoc committees to deal with specific problems and heading such a committee or committees.
    Exhibitions Committee
  1. Work as a team to plan for local exhibitions in addition to the annula CWCA Memer Exhibit in October.
  2. Coordinate with local galleries, develop interesting/relevant themes, generate budget, develop marketing materials, recruit Jurors, develop exhibition prospectus, hang and manage exhibit.
    Programming Co-Chair
  1. Assist the Programming Chair with development, implementation and partnerships

National WCA Opportunities

Artlines Editor and Team Members Needed!
Our newsletter, Artlines, is one of our vital communication links to our members. It is time to start working on the Fall issue of the newsletter now. We need an Artlines Team: An Editor and team members to support her immediately. This is a job that pays $500 per edition. Contact Karin Luner to apply.

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